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About this Web Site

I am personally responsible for the content, design, implementation and maintenance of this web site. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this web site, please do not hesitate to contact me.


The primary aim of this web site is to increase awareness of the systems programming consultancy services that I provide. Therefore, this web site will primarily be of interest to potential clients i.e. companies or organisations requiring and actively seeking the services of a mainframe systems programmer.

This web site will also include an increasing amount of technical information, i.e. analysis, articles, reports, reviews and software, of interest to existing or potential clients and also to those generally interested or involved in mainframe systems programming.

Additionally this web site will hopefully contribute, albeit in a minor manner, to eradicating the myth that the mainframe is "dead" or "dying". The mainframe is most definitely not "dead" or "dying". The mainframe is performing even better and more reliably than ever before and the world continues to depend on mainframe computers.

Designed for Usability

This is definitely not the "prettiest" or "flashiest" web site you have ever seen and nor was it intended to be. This website was designed with "usability" in mind.

Substantial international research has repeatedly established what the vast majority of internet, and even more so intranet, users really want is fast, i.e. sub-second, response times. For that reason this website has a minimalist approach to the use of graphics. You can read more about the design of this website and the reasons behind the design decisions made.


This web site is protected by international copyright. You are, of course, very welcome to print, store and use the information available on this web site for your own personal use. However, any form of reproduction or publication, commercial or otherwise, without prior written consent, is strictly forbidden.

The vast majority of the content of this web site is my own original work and you are kindly requested to respect that.


This web site contains numerous references to products and product names, which are registered trademarks or trademarks of other companies, individuals and organisations e.g. International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation.

Every possible effort has and will continue to be made, to correctly identify that a particular product belongs to a particular company, indiviual or organisation. Thereby respecting the rights of that company, individual or organisation.

Should any company, individual or organisation feel that an incorrect reference to any of their products has been made or that their rights may, in any manner, have been infringed, they are kindly requested to contact me, so that the matter can be amicably resolved without undue delay.